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    1. New Year, New You

      Posted on January 19, 2016

      I'm hoping that this year is finding you doing well and finding yourself in a new place. Growing is not always easy or comfortable and I too am experiencing a lot of change. I am reminded that each moment is brand new and the only thing we really have. When we cling to the past and get all wrapped up in anxiety and fear, it prevents us from being present in the now. It is my hope that you remember to breathe and let life in. All too often we hold our breath and forget that life is what passes through us, and through our very body. It is this breath that is Divine. The secret is in allowing to move, and move through us, so that we are enlivened and enlightened. May today be a beautiful day of presence and awakened new you… and don't forget to breathe!

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    Your greatest strength is love. Your greatest weakness is fear. -Yogi Bhajan

    About Stephanie

    What is Conscious Sexuality?

    Many people consider themselves spiritual in every area of their lives, except sex. With shame and guilt, they hide their true sexuality from even themselves, hoping one day to understand what true sacred sexuality is all about. We want to live conscious lives, and bringing consciousness to sexuality can transform your relationships and your entire reality. Awareness is the key.

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    What is a Holistic Sexologist?

    Sexology is the study of human sexual behavior; what people do and how they feel about it. I consider myself a “Sacred Sexologist” because I believe that we are all sacred human beings on this planet and our sexuality is an important aspect of who we are. Our sexuality directly affects how we experience our lives.

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    People are Saying

    “Stephanie is the real deal. This hour long session with her brought me to a path of true healing. She honed in on specific issues and brought clarity to what exactly were causing repeated and negative patterns in my life. Through her compassion and faith in me, she beheld my divinity through the session so that I can come back into alignment with my true heart. And THAT is liberating.” — Claire, Los Angeles

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