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    1. The Season of Love

      Posted on February 2, 2014

      As we enter February, I feel a strong pull to focus on all things pertaining to love. I'm practicing heart opening yoga and meditation exercises and encourage you to consider doing the same. With Valentine's Day a little over a week away, there are reminders all around. When I see hearts and flowers in the stores, I can feel the traditional vibe of finding someone outside of myself to "complete me". I would like to bring consciousness to the idea of celebrating the heart in a deeper way.

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    "When you wake up to who you are,
    it illuminates who you become." Stephanie Serina Torres

    About Stephanie

    About Getting to Love

    Everything you are looking for in life can be found through love. Our culture tells us that love is about finding someone outside of ourselves to “complete us”, but that is merely an illusion. Love is the essence of all things and available to you in every precious moment. You need only to awaken to the love within your own heart to find all that you desire.

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    Spiritual Bodywork

    I practice the art of channeling Tantric Love through my sacred energy healing massage sessions. As a Tantric Shaman, I follow inner guidance and allow Divine Goddess to flow through me during this spiritual bodywork. I connect with higher frequency energies which assist me in providing a nurturing and profoundly healing experience.

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    People are Saying

    “Stephanie Serina Torres is a healer, love coach and Tantrica of the highest order. She does her session work passionately, powerfully and with great mastery. I recommend this priestess with total confidence.” — Charles Muir, Director of Source School of Tantra Yoga

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