* Searching for inner peace around a trauma or deep wound?
* Having difficulty with a transition, life passage or change?
* Seeking spiritual guidance and direction?
* Longing for deeper understanding of your life’s events?
* Searching for clarity around a particular issue or problem in your life?

As an Energy Medicine Healer, Stephanie can help you access deeper places within yourself that may be difficult to see and deal with on your own. With love and compassion, she will create and hold sacred space, for spiritual healing energy to flow, revealing greater understanding.

Stephanie will channel Divine Love that will illuminate the spiritual connection, revealing new insights for your life. With a gift of psychic intuition and Compassionate Knowing, Stephanie is honored to help facilitate your transformation.

Calling upon her deep connections with divine healers, sacred energies and spirit guides, Stephanie is also trained and certified as an Energy Medicine Healer. Each Spiritual Energy Healing Session is unique and personally suited to meet each individual’s needs.

What happens in a typical session?

First, we will clear the space, releasing any negative energy in the room. Then, with ritual, we will set an intention for the session. At this point we may mutually decide to work with any number of special items I have available, such as essential oils, sage, a variety of Tarot and/or divination cards.

We will then discuss the option of working seated face to face, or with you lying on my massage table, fully clothed for “hands-on healing”. This type of body work allows me to gain direct access to your energy field. I will begin by clearing all negative energy around you, and I will balance your chakras. I’ll tune into your energy field and channel divine healing anywhere that needs it. Staying connected to you throughout this entire process, I will help you become aware of changes and facilitate shifts in your energy and consciousness as they occur.

Throughout the session, we will call upon Divine Energies, our Higher Selves, Sacred Healers, Ancestors, Angeles and/or Guides.  I will be a channel and instrument as information and energy flow.  You will relax and receive, as you are met by your own Divinity and your Truth becomes illuminated from within.

After we have received our experience for the session, with gratitude, we will thank the Divine Energies. We will review our intention, reflecting upon the unfolding process and your unique experience.72686_10200800928130320_1861652043_n

Spiritual Energy Healing Sessions:

In person sessions only-(outcall available to local areas for additional travel fee)

Complimentary 10 minute phone consultation.

Contact: or call directly at (213) 595-LOVE  (5683)

First Session: 90 minutes- $225
Subsequent Sessions: 60 minutes- $200
90 minutes-$260
Discounts available for pre-paid sessions
Sliding Scale may be available for those who qualify