SEX, LOVE & YOGA, a Provocative New Musical

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Sex, Love & Yoga was my dissertation project to receive my PhD from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. The play was performed live in West Hollywood in the summer of 2015 and I received my PhD in Sexology in October, that same year.

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“The cast is adorable in this delightful and provocative new musical. It is one of our FEATURED events.” – Performing Arts LIVE

RADIO INTERVIEW: Sex, Love, Yoga, with Dr. Stephanie Torres August 21, 2015
Hosted by Dan J. Kroll

Episode Description

Imagine that you’ve just met your soul mate. He’s smart, sexy, charming, and even spiritual. There’s just one problem. He’s gay and you’re not. Sex, Love, & Yoga is a new musical based on some of the real-life experiences of Dr. Stephanie Torres. Sex, Love, & Yoga tells the story of two people with a cosmic connection, who choose to push past their personal, physical, and spiritual boundaries in order to find out what lies beyond our labels. Stephanie has a Doctorate degree in Sexology from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco.





 The Mastermind Behind the new musical Sex, Love & Yoga

 Sexual-Spiritual Healer: Dr. Stephanie Torres

What do you get if you mix Kundalini yoga and sexology? What you get is Dr. Stephanie Torres, Holistic Sexologist, who uses a body, mind, and spirit approach to healthy sexuality. And if you mix Dr. Torres with musical theater, then you get is a new musical that fuses sexology, yoga and sex. She is the mastermind behind the creation and production of the new musical Sex, Love & Yoga that is based on her true story and sex therapy for all.

Why sexology?

“Didn’t become a sexologist because I looooove sex, although I love sex. It’s more that I was sexually assaulted when I was 18 years old […] and that threw a monkey wrench in my whole life. I’m 53 now and back in those days people [girls or women] didn’t talk about sex. . .we were really repressed, and if you were a fundamentalist Christian [like me] then you were really repressed. It created a lot of problems because I couldn’t talk about it. Then I went on a journey to find my wholeness and it was because of that journey that I did a ton of therapy and work on myself. I was able to articulate my thoughts, my feelings around sexuality, my body and my life. I also had a lot of challenging relationships. I was married and divorced three times and out of all of that I realized that […] I wanted to go back to school to get a degree [in sexology]. I knew that I could help people.

What is the true story behind Sex, Love and Yoga?IMG_3628

“I had moved away form Los Angeles for 25 years, then I got a strong sense that I needed to move back to LA where I was from. I moved back here and I had a really hard time connecting. I was guided to go to a Kundalini yoga class, I hated yoga, but it was not like anything I’d ever done before. And within a few months I had to partner up with guy and suddenly I had this intense experience: I felt like I knew him, I felt like I loved him and I had this intense attraction to him. He was 20 years younger than me . . .and he was gay. […] I couldn’t stop thinking about him so I googled him, then I befriend him and then I told him ‘my ex-boyfriend was a tantric master […] and I know a lot about red tantra, would you like to learn and you can teach everything you know about the yoga side of it? I know you’re gay, but it doesn’t matter, there’s stuff you can do, right? […] well there’s things you don’t want to do and there’s things you might want to do so let’s try it.’ And he said, ‘okay’. So we started a sexual relationship and I was attracted to him, but he was not attracted to me at all. So we had to work around that. […] [but] we both had this spiritual connection. […] So after a while my friends asked ‘what’s going on with this guy, what are you doing?’ And said, ‘I don’t know, I’m exploring something.’

 What was the process from inception, page to stage of Sex, Love & Yoga?

“One of my gay friends said, ‘Oh my God that’s a play! You should write a play.’ And I said, ‘Yea it’s a play.’ So I bought Playwriting For Dummies and started writing a play. I went back to school and I told one of my teachers and he said, ‘You could make that your dissertation.’ […] I said, ‘Okay, I will!’ I came home and wrote like mad. And over 9 months of intense yoga, and a lot of meditation, I completed the play. Then I did a table read, people loved it. But it was kind of crappy because I wasn’t a playwright.

I put an ad on Craigslist for a producer and director—I got nothing. And then about a month later somebody [Kate Sullivan Gibbens] e-mailed me with all this experience that was exactly what I was looking for—she had a BA in directing, a master’s in playwriting, she was four blocks away and she’s a lesbian and I was like ‘oh my God.’ She read my play […] and she said, ‘Could I rewrite this play?’ and I said, ‘Yea.’ […] So we got together and we started writing it. And she wrote it. And I wrote music too, but I wasn’t a songwriter so she just started writing it. And it was perfect!”

How is sexology integrated into the show?

“Everyone has a sex problem. [So] every character has a sexual challenge that’s all interwoven around the main character. I want people to come watch it, be laughing, be entertained and also think, ‘Oh my God that’s me!’ […] The plot all unravels around the main character that’s based on me as a sexologist. The main character in the show gives a lot of advice to her friends, and it’s all good advice.
Everyone is in the show is dealing with some sort of sexual thing—so for me it’s chock-full of teachable moments. I’m even writing the program with supplemental material for people who are watching the show. When people are watching the show they’re going to get triggered. IMG_3405Even in the reading the actors got triggered, and I told them I was available for confidential consultations if they needed help. There will be questions to ask yourself [in the program] about how this show could impact you. There are also two [sexology] exercises that I use that are woven into the show. And I even put these exercises in the program so anyone can take them home and try them. If you come to see the show, you’re also getting free sex therapy.”

What do you want audiences to come away with after seeing the show?

“I want the audience to come away feeling inspired that theater has this amazing ability to get people talking about sex, and not just titillated, but talking about real sexual issues that affect everybody. Issues like sexless relationships, sexual assault, sexual identity, and sexual exploration. […] I want people to say ‘Wow after seeing the show, I can talk about the show and not about myself. This show opens the door: I want people talking about sex and I want people going home and having sex.”

Why are musicals, art, books, and poetry about sex important to society?11811452_833809110060247_8491538906071038255_n

“Sex in the arts is a way the world can learn, talk and deal with sexuality. ‘Cause we’re not going to go make an appointment to talk with a sexologist, but we are going to leave the show and talk to the person we came with. The arts break the taboo. Right now the only thing that has broken the taboo is mainstream TV that makes watching porn okay. Can we see some depth? Can we see some humanity?”

Are you aware of this year’s Tony winning musical Fun Home, another musical that like this one that’s has a team of women behind it, and that’s about sexuality?

“I caught wind of the Tony’s that happened the night before I met Kate. And she told all about the significant of Fun Home’s five Tony’s awards. Soon after I had to go to New York to help my son get an apartment for school and when I was there I said I’m going to see Fun Home. I talked to somebody and they said there’s no way, it’s been sold out since the Tony’s. But there’s always a way, right? I’m one person; they got to have one seat. So I went to the box office early and I said, ‘I’d like one seat.’ They said, ‘we have one ticket, fifth row.’ I got my ticket. And I was blow away! The subject matter completely dovetails my show—it couldn’t be more appropriate.”

Dr. Torres then pulls out her Fun Home key chain and remarks about the keychain, “It says not just a new musical, but, a new kind of musical. And what I hear in that is it’s also a vehicle for change in our culture. We all love the old musicals, but isn’t it about time that theater be potent like that. That’s what I want my show to be.”IMG_3149

Sex, Love & Yoga opens for previews Friday August 14 and runs through August 30th at the MACHA Theatre in West Hollywood. Additionally, this show has partnered with My Friends Place, an organization that assists homeless youth; and Kundalini yoga studio Indigo Lab LA. I’ve only heard one song from the show, but I like what I heard, so come laugh, cry, meditate, learn about yourself and take in some free sex therapy on stage.IMG_3638


I had the opportunity to visit with Dr. Stephanie Torres whose story is the inspiration behind a provocative new musical, Sex, Love & Yoga, written by Kate Sullivan Gibbons and includes music from Snatam Kaur. The story is about two people who meet and fall in love. A cosmic connection, soul mates with just one problem. He’s gay and she’s not.

Stephanie was working towards her Doctorate in Sexology when she shared her unique story with her professors. Because of the unusual coupling: gay man-straight woman, she was encouraged to turn it into a play as her dissertation project for her PhD. Originally, she wrote the play herself, but realizing that her talents did not lie in that area, she welcomed meeting Kate Sullivan Gibbens. With a Master’s degree in playwriting and a Bachelor’s in Directing, Kate had the chops to take Stephanie’s story and make it into something magical. She put the love of life, which Stephanie literally radiates, onto the page and up on the stage. Realizing that there were moments that felt in need of song, Kate wrote all new original music. With a true generosity of creative spirit, Stephanie let Kate to write and direct the play, even adding new characters, while she became the play’s “Creative Sexologist”. Stephanie crafted the story with Kate to give each character a sexual challenge to overcome. As resident sexologist, Stephanie even offered private sessions to the cast and crew, knowing tha material was powerful. “There’s actually so much to laugh about. It’s funny. And charming. And also quite heavy at the same time.”IMG_3574

Sexology is the study of what people do sexually and how they feel about it. Ideally, it’s being able to remain neutral and non-judgmental when dealing with sex. Because she is a Kundalini Yogini, Stephanie focuses on the body-mind-spiritual aspect of sex. The arc of each character’s story is as it relates to sexual wholeness. The play is intentionally crafted to present an honest look at everyday sexual issues. Stephanie hopes that seeing this on stage will help people open up and talk freely about their own sexuality, even if its only with the person they came to the show with.

IMG_3633Though there will be simulated sex (but no nudity or violence), Stephanie reports the “real kicker” is the intimacy, which she defined as “into me you see.” To talk openly about sex is quite taboo in our culture and that’s what makes this show so provocative. “Sexual rights are human rights… The story gives people permission to talk about their sexuality… We have this illusion that other people are perfect and the truth is that nobody is… it’s time we all start feel comfortable talking about ourselves and what really matters”. She knows people are uncomfortable with sex and she’s okay with that. She’s hoping many will resonate and identify with the issues presented on stage.

Stephanie wanted to tell her story so she could become the poster child that she had once been searching for. After being sexually assaulted at knifepoint as a teenager, she felt like many other women do: that she was “damaged goods” and less valuable. Though she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts, married and divorced three times, and had two children; she was unable to talk about it for many years. She went back to school to earn her Ph.D. in a subject that had crippled her as a person for most of her life because she wanted to help others like herself. Stephanie says that her play came through her meditation and her yogic practice. She hopes that it will inspire people to have the courage to deal with their sexual problems and wants to liberate people to be who they truly are.IMG_3570

If her play is as entertaining and educational as visiting with Dr. Stephanie Torres, it’s sure to be a hit. She was entertaining and uplifting with her stories. I learned. (BTW: the way to ask a transgender person how they’d like to be identified, is to say “What is your preferred pronoun?”) Her energy is contagious. Her heart is large and her smile radiates through her eyes.


A Provocative New Musical
Sex, Love, & Yoga
Based On A True Story
(For Mature Audiences Only)

LOS ANGELES – (July 21, 2015) – Producers Dr. Stephanie Torres and Bren Coombs, in association with MACHA Theatre, present a provocative new musical, “SEX, LOVE, & YOGA” written by acclaimed playwright Kate Sullivan Gibbens, who will also direct. The workshop premiere about love without labels, and the challenges we all face in intimate relationships of every variety, opens at MACHA Theatre in West Hollywood on August 15th, 2015

Imagine that you’ve just met your soul mate. He’s smart, sexy, charming, and even spiritual. There’s just one problem. He’s gay and you’re not.

Sex, Love, and Yoga tells the story of two people with a spiritual connection who choose to push past their personal, physical, and spiritual boundaries in order to find out what lies beyond our labels.

Sex, Love & Yoga is a provocative new musical that invites the audience to enter into the everyday lives of seven individuals, as they attempt to navigate love and communication, whether identifying as gay, straight, transgender, or something in-between. It’s about yoga and its power to help us transform from the inside out. Men, women, gay, straight, and those of us who find their identities fall somewhere in-between these labels, will see themselves in this show.

Full of discussion-provoking moments, this show delves deep into real life sexual issues such as the challenge of a sex-less marriage, overcoming sexual trauma, and sharing personal histories, as well as the excitement of a new love or finding passion in an old one. With sensitivity, humor and candor, Sex, Love & Yoga is touchingly honest and truly delightful.

Watching this show offers the rare gift of experiencing transformation, along with the characters on stage, through the experiences of sex, love & yoga.

Book, Music and Lyrics by Kate Sullivan Gibbens
Based on a true story by Dr. Stephanie Torres
Directed by Kate Sullivan Gibbens
Musical Director Kate Marley
Arranger Anthony Starble
Lighting Designer Michelle Stann
Producers Dr. Stephanie Torres and Bren Coombs

Kim Reed – “Beverly”
Casey Hayden – “Cody”
Stephanie Anderson – “Cynthia”
Tod Macofsky – “Noah”
Katherine Washington – “Jenny”
Espiridion Magana – “Gabriel”
Supplemental Educational Materials by Dr. Stephanie Torres

Dr. Stephanie Torres, the “Creative Sexologist” and Producer on the project, will be putting together supplemental materials and hosting discussions to further explore topics brought up within the show. Events promise to be both fun and educational. The production offers an original score with the addition of a few Kundalini Yoga songs, arranged with special permission from Snatam Kaur, internationally recognized and by far the most famous musician in the Kundalini Yoga community (Oprah loves her!).

Come experience a relationship that transcends gender roles and sexual orientation in this provocative new musical, Sex, Love & Yoga. You might just fall in love.

Sponsored by Indigo Lab, L.A. (nearby yoga studio)
Profits benefit, My Friend’s Place (youth homeless shelter)

SEX, LOVE, & YOGA will open August 15, running through August 30, 2015, at MACHA Theatre @
1107 N. Kings Road, West Hollywood, CA. 90069. Performances are Friday & Saturday 8:00PM and Sunday at 7:00PM. Tickets available now at:
General admission: $30.00 – For Mature Audiences Only!IMG_3601


Casey Hayden (Cody) – Casey found himself in the noise of Los Angeles in 2006 from the peaceful mountains of Evergreen, CO, when he set out to pursue his love of music. Over the last several years his main focus has been playing the Hollywood club circuit with his rock band, AMBERSIDE. They released their self titled EP, which he wrote and recorded with the band, in 2011. After being absent from the musical theater stage for several years, Casey was stoked to join the Glory|Struck gang as the white-boy rapper ‘Lucas’, in the award winning 2013 revival of “Bare” at the Hayworth Theater in Los Angeles. He recently just finished doing a run of Green Day’s American Idiot at The Vortex in downtown LA with The Glory|Struck team as well. Casey has also performed with The Album Project in this year’s “Rumours” and last summer’s “Jagged Little Pill”, performing in Hollywood, Los Feliz, and at the Phoenix Theater in Arizona.. He continues to write and record music but is enjoying being back in the theater scene surrounded by such incredible people and talent.

Stephanie Anderson (Cynthia) – Stephanie originated the role of Sister Chantelle in the world premiere of bare: a pop opera in Los Angeles, performed in the New York workshop and can be heard on the 2004 cast album. She reprised her role in the 2013 Glory|Struck production of the Los Angeles return earning a 2014 LA Alliance Ovation Award Nomination for Best Featured Actress in a Musical.

She graduated from Cal State University, Northridge with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre with an emphasis in costume design but decided to try her hand at performing. She’s performed in shows for both Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland Resort and musicals such as Annie, Nunsense, Gypsy, Seussical, There’ s No Place Like Hollywood playing the likes of Hattie McDaniel, Mae West and even Doris Day, and The Goodbye Girl for Musical Theatre West’s Reiner Reading Series as Mrs. Crosby. Her favorite role is mother of a very charming seventeen year old.

Tod Macofsky (Noah) – is a native of Los Angeles and has been performing there for over 30 years. After studying theatre directing at UCLA, he began performing in cruise ship production shows. Tod’s claim to fame is as the original Bris boy in the hit review Naked Boys Singing! at the Celebration Theatre in Hollywood for which he won an LA Weekly Award for Best Musical Ensemble. At the same venue, he was honored to perform in the only officially sanctioned two-man version of the Stephen Sondheim revue Marry Me A Little. Tod has been a proud member of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles for 15 years and of the spin-off five-man a cappella group ’N Pynk. He has been touring the country in the musical it gets better, a show based on the hugely successful anti-bullying campaign started by Dan Savage. Tod recently appeared on the reality TV shows Dance Moms and I Am Cait. Tod is the co-writer and one-half of the comic cabaret duo Mack & Poppy and will be performing Let It Snow! at the Cavern Club Celebrity Theatre at Casita del Campo in Silverlake this November.

Katherine Washington (Jenny) – An AMDA Los Angeles graduate, Katherine was a finalist in LA’s Next Great Stage Star. Favorite credits include Bare: A Rock Musical (2013 Los Angeles revival/The Hayworth), The Wedding Singer (Tina Turner/Musical Theatre West), Tarzan (Kala, El Portal), Aida (Aida/The Box Theatre), Memphis (Felicia u/s /Cabrillo Music Theatre), Little Shop of Horrors (Ronnette/Glendale Centre Theatre),Cabaret (Fritzi/Inland Valley Rep), and new musical premiere of Recorded in Hollywood. Katherine also plays 5 musical instruments, the violin being her heart. Thanks to Zach and Mom!

Espiridion Magana –(Gabriel) – He has been doing theatre since high school and attended AMDA (Los Angeles) to further his craft. He has been in production such as Evita, Big River, Funny Girl, and Crazy For You. Espiridion had the great honor to understudy Jon Secada in an original musical called Loving the Silent Tears, under the direction of Vincent Paterson at the legendary Shrine Auditorium. He recently has been back from Mexico where he filmed a Reality TV show singing competition for Univision called Va Por Ti (similar to American Idol). He was fortunate to make top ten and had the opportunity to sing with and meet some of Latin Americans music icons such as Ricky Martin and Alejandra Guzman. He is currently also touring with some of the shows cast mates all over the U.S.A.


Dr. Stephanie Torres (Co-Producer/Creative Sexologist/Based on her true story/Supplemental Educational Materials) is a Holistic Sexologist, using a body, mind and spirit approach to healthy sexuality. She received her Bachelors degree from Loyola Marymount University, with an emphasis in Communication Arts. Over the past twenty-five years, Dr. Stephanie has worked as a California State Certified Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist and Energy Healer. Passionate about the body, mind, spirit connection, she has given inspirational wellness talks, led women’s empowerment workshops, seen private clients, and as well as run her own business, Natural Balance, a holistic healing center in Santa Cruz. Dr. Stephanie gained national recognition by being featured on the Fine Living Channel’s program “Radical Sabbatical” and gained significant news coverage for her inspirational work. She received her Doctorate in Sexology from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. Dr. Stephanie has written her memoir in a love story called, Confessions of a Love Dream, the True Story of My French Affair, and is currently working on a book on Aquarian Sexuality. The play, Sex, Love & Yoga, is inspired by her true story. She resides in West Hollywood and has raised two beautiful children.

Kate Sullivan Gibbens (Director / Book, Music & Lyrics) – Kate Sullivan Gibbens is a playwright, director, composer, performer, and jam-maker with a love of all things music. While receiving her MFA in playwriting from UCLA, Kate worked co-wrote “8, The Play” with Dustin Lance Black, which premiered on Broadway in 2011, followed by a star-studded reading in LA. Kate produced and directed the Sacramento premier of the work, which has now been performed in hundreds of cities across America. She is also the creator and Artistic Director of The Album Project. Under the TAP umbrella, Kate has directed “Jagged Little Pill,” “Ed Sheeran’s +,” and recently mounted “The Album Project: Rumours” at King King in Hollywood. Kate is also co-Artistic Director of the newly re-launched Ark Theatre Company, which will debut her play, “click” this fall. Additionally, Kate has directed Spring Awakening with glory|struck productions (StageSceneLA award – best direction) and “A Day at The Beaches” at 3 Clubs. Other written works include The Great Buford Fire Funnel (UCLA Coppola One-Act Festival), and Cuore Mio – My Heart (DC Source Festival). Go to to read more, offer her gainful employment, or watch far too many youtube videos. Follow her @katesullgibb if you like the kind of twitter account that sends out tweets once every several months.

Bren Coombs (Co-Producer) Bren gets shit done. A native of Texas, Bren’s wanderlust led her to San Francisco, where she studied at UCSF, and then to Los Angeles, where she works as a producer, writer, photographer, visual artist, stage manager, director, publicist, and marketer, while taking on any other exciting challenges that arise. With experience in film, theater, television, radio, web, live events, print, and digital media, Bren’s work has been used by CNN, Hulu, Bloomberg, LA Times and other notable platforms.

Recent theater work includes producing the World Premiere of Lyle Kessler’s The Great Divide (LA Times Critic’s Pick) and the tenth anniversary revival of 7 Redneck Cheerleaders (LA Times Critic’s Pick) with Elephant Theatre Company;stage managing multiple shows for The Hollywood Fringe Festival and Pulp Shakespeare at Theatre Asylum; and providing social and digital media for All American Girl with interACT Theatre Company and for The Album Project: Rumours directed by Kate Sullivan Gibbens.
Career highlights include producing the documentary film Out in Alabama, alongside Academy Award-winning director Cynthia Wade, whose documentary Freeheld was just developed into a film starring Julianne Moore and Ellen Page; working under Tony-winning producers Neil Patrick Harris and Brandon Wardell on three iterations of the first-of-its-kind, interactive horror play, Delusion (The Blood Rite, Masque of Mortality, and Lies Within); Patty Duke saying she’ll officiate Bren’s wedding someday, and that time Orange is the New Black tweeted that they’d throw their pie for her. Here’s to many more adventures!

Kate Marley (Musical Director) – Kate is thrilled to be making her LA artistic debut as the music director of this incredible work. She most recently Assistant MD’d for Sheldon Harnick’s “Malpractice Makes Perfect” in NYC last summer. Other credits include “Anything Goes”, “Les Misérables”, “Willy Wonka, Jr”, etc. with Tacoma Children’s Musical Theatre, and “The Spirit of Reindeer” at Ithaca College. Kate is also a professional makeup artist and proud member of Actors’ Equity Association. Special Thanks to Kate, Stephanie, and Julie for allowing me to share in this journey and take part in this beautiful art with you. –

Anthony Starble (Arranger) – Began studying music at the age of 9. He became obsessed with the instrument almost instantly, playing hours and hours each day. Anthony grew up an outsider, getting picked on for being overweight and gay. He found a whole new world in piano music that he could escape to, excelling at a rapid rate, winning competitions at a statewide level and was later accepted into arts magnet school, Denver School of the Arts as a high school student.

While in high school, Anthony began to discover that he had a passion for theater arts and singing. He wrote his first song at the age of 15 and later won the for high school students at the age of 16. After winning that competition, Anthony realized that songwriting was his true passion and made up his mind that he was going to move to Los Angeles and become a singer/songwriter. A true Hollywood dreamer.

Starble attended Cal-Arts and received a Bachelor’s degree in music, focusing on composition and songwriting. While at Cal-Arts, Anthony starting working on his first EP ‘Living In Layers’ which was released shortly after he graduated in 2010. Since then, Anthony has collaborated with artists such as Beck, Ben Lee, Kristen Chenoweth, and James both live and in the studio and regularly sings on pop demos and commercials. Anthony is involved in 2 side projects, electronic pop duo ‘Starhook’ and hip indie choir ‘The Silver Lake Chorus’. Both are also set to release albums this year. His music has been featured on ABC Family’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’ in 2013 and on ABC Family’s ‘The Fosters’ in 2014.

Sandra Kuker (Publicist) – SANDRA KUKER PR
Sandra Kuker is an entertainment industry expert. Her 3-decade background in Music, Film & Television and Theatre has created a client list of diversity and successful campaigns. Sandra’s experience also includes chartering ships for theme cruises, casting for Film and Television, as well as Reality and Scripted Television & Documentary’s. She is unstoppable and her personal commitment to each client provides the energy to excel in media. Her highlights include My Child Mothers Of War, Voice Lessons, Adam Baum & The Jew Movie starring Richard Kind, Drop Dead by Billy Van Zandt, Serial Killer Barbie The Musical, Almost, Maine directed by Marty Papazian, Happy Face Sad Face produced by Russell Boast, Time Stands Still by Donald Margulies, author Bill Ratner of Parenting For The Digital Age, Adam & Eve and Steve, and she is working with Retronuvo Media on Reality TV and scripted television & Documentaries. Sandra works with theatrical clients, authors, and entertainment professionals. Utilizing the strength of personal relationships, alongside social media and traditional PR, promoting events, news releases and individually tailored media positioning for clients centered in Entertainment and helps build a branding presence with innovation, integrity and style. Website:


Imagine that you’ve just met your soul mate. He’s smart, sexy, charming, and even spiritual. There’s just one problem. He’s gay and you’re not. Sex, Love, & Yoga tells the story of two people with a spiritual connection, who choose to push past their personal, physical, and spiritual boundaries in order to find out what lies beyond our labels. Based on a true story!

Book, Music and Lyrics by Kate Sullivan GibbensIMG_3671
Based on a true story by Dr. Stephanie Torres
Directed by Kate Sullivan Gibbens
Co-Produced by Dr. Stephanie Torres and Bren Coombs

Arranger Anthony Starble
Lighting Designer Michelle Stann

Kristin Towers-Rowles – “Beverly”
Casey Hayden – “Cody”
Stephanie Anderson – “Cynthia”
Tod Macofsky – “Noah”
Katherine Washington – “Jenny”
Espiridion Magana – “Gabriel”
Supplemental Educational Materials by Dr. Stephanie Torres

Runs August 15 -August 30, 2015

Preview: August 14, 2015
Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm
Sundays at 2pm and 7pm

MACHA Theatre
1107 N. Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA. 90069
Tickets available now at:
General admission: $30.00 – For Mature Audiences Only!

Contact: SANDRA KUKER PR – (310) 652-7222 –

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