Confessions of a Love Dream: A True Story of my French Affair, my first book, is a love story,and is based on my life. Confessions of a Love Dream includes my “back story” and tells of my journey to becoming the person I am today. My book is currently unavailable to the public at this time. Please join my mailing list for notification of when it becomes available.

It’s the romantic fantasy of a lifetime: an American woman on vacation in the south of France has a chance meeting with a handsome Frenchman. In an instant, they are swept into an immediate attraction but there’s a problem… they don’t speak the same language and… he’s married. With children. What’s Serina going to do?

This is one of the central questions in Confessions of a Love Dream, but ultimately, the story becomes Serina’s personal journey to authenticity through exploring who she is as a person and finding her way in the world. Serina comes to realize that the person she has been raised to become was never the person she was meant to be.

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