“Stephanie Torres is a Healer, Love Coach and Tantrica of the highest order. She does her session work passionately, powerfully and with great mastery. I recommend this Priestess with total confidence.”
-Charles Muir, Director of Source School of Tantra Yoga

“Stephanie is the real deal. This hour long session with her brought me to a path of true healing. She honed in on specific issues and brought clarity to what exactly were causing repeated and negative patterns in my life. Through her compassion and faith in me, she beheld my divinity through the session so that I can come back into alignment with my true heart. And THAT is liberating. We were able to access my shadow side that I couldn’t resolve or face on my own. Her loving presence and her gentle yet powerful guidance allowed for probably the deepest healing I’ve ever gotten. I discovered what had been holding me back for so long and I shed healing tears. I feel my heart opening because I know I am on the right path now. I’m not lost anymore. Shame and guilt are gone. She has helped propel me toward my destiny, which is to know that I am worthy of true and lasting love. Stephanie’s abilities are a gift to humanity and I feel really  fortunate to have her in my life.”  -Claire, Los Angeles

“Stephanie Torres helped illuminate a “problem” I’d been experiencing for weeks by just speaking to her. Her compassion, keen intuition and HUMOR helped create the space of profound clarity and reflection for me. I immediately felt empowered again and this light eliminated all my shame and guilt I had been carrying for some time now. I stand again in MY DIVINITY and MY TRUTH. You are so powerful and wonderful Stephanie. Thank you for reminding me who I AM.”  – C. C.,  Los Angeles

“When I first came to see Stephanie I was very nervous because I’d never tried hypnosis before, but I always wanted to. She put my mind at ease from the moment I walked in her door. Stephanie was easy to talk to and I felt safe telling her the real reason that I wanted to be hypnotized.  I’d been feeling something deep inside was affecting my intimate relationships for most of my life and now that I was older, I felt ready to deal with things that had happened in my past.        -Peter V.IMG_2589-2

 Stephanie was very gentle and caring with me and gave me the time I needed to come to terms with my deeper feelings. She gave me specific things that I could do to transform the relationship I had with my body and my intimacy. Without going into a lot of detail, I’ll just say that I’m so glad I found Stephanie because I don’t know anyone who could have helped me like she did. It’s not like regular therapy, but so much better.”
-Christine V.

“Stephanie is amazing. I knew I’d be hypnotized easily and with her help I’ve been able to finally get back to my meditation practice and feel better about my life. I used to be very spiritual but since I started my new company I’d let everything in my personal life go, including my inner peace. I found myself very successful but living in fear with relentless thoughts about the future. It wasn’t until Stephanie helped me connect with that deeper place I’d forgotten about that made things finally turn around for me.”                -Paul A.

I’d say that working with Stephanie has helped me tremendously. I’m feeling a lot more hopeful that I’m finally on the right path and each day I feel a little more healthy and happy just to be alive.”          -Lisa B.

“I’ve been on a spiritual quest for almost a year, ever since I had some health problems which made me finally stop and take a look at my life. I’d been searching for the right person to help me figure out why this was all happening and I found Stephanie. She was able to relate to what I’d been struggling with for a long time and helped me put things in perspective.” -Linda P.DSC_0120

I have worked with Stephanie Torres for several years and she is an exceptional holistic healer, support person, and overall human being.  She brings light and inspiration as well as a deep commitment to health in all that she does. I attribute my current state of optimal health and wellbeing to the support that Stephanie has given me through some very challenging times. She embodies the best of all professional worlds in that she has business acumen while she is also able to draw from the spiritual realm.

I have never met an individual quite like Stephanie. She is sensitive to energy and can create an atmosphere of love and support which enables me to find my own path of healing. She also offers practical suggestions to real life health issues that have come up over the years. The interesting thing about Stephanie is that she brings energy healing into everything she does.  She is truly a gift in my life.”
— Dr. Deborah Analauren, Communications  Instructor, Mediator, Reiki Practitioner

“I have met many people in the health industry who talk a good talk, but when it comes right down to it, I have seen very few of those people actually live what they preach.  Not so with Stephanie.    She is authentic with a sense of humor and compassion that is rare and refreshing.

As her former business partner, I have experienced a wonderful synergy in working with Stephanie.  She is genuinely able to offer sound ideas, brainstorm, formulate a plan and then implement her part of it, while supporting others involved.  She has great follow through and dedication to the project at hand.

It is easy to work with Stephanie because she has been on a path of personal growth and healing for many years, which strengthens and deepens the project she is focused on.  In working with Stephanie I’ve found her to be a solid person with a heart of gold.  She brings courage and confidence along with a non-judgmental acceptance, which helps bring healing to everyone she encounters.  I have personally grown and become a better person through our association.DSC_0030

I highly recommend Stephanie to anyone seeking a co-creator of excellence in holistic health and healing.”
— Jennifer Brewer, MS, CNS Nutritionist, Whole Foods Chef, New Leaf Stores  

“I met Stephanie in the fall of 2006, when she applied to work at Vanguard Realtors.  I could see back then that this woman possessed that certain something that is the essence of success. Stephanie is not only the consummate professional in the workplace; she is a person of the highest quality.

As the Broker of Record as well as an owner of Vanguard Realtors, we stand for excellence in providing real estate services to our clients.  Working day by day with Stephanie only confirmed what was so obvious to me the day she walked into my office.  She was an inspiration and driving force in the advancement of our company. Her foresight and ideas led to changes and upgrades in our company that were greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all.

Stephanie brought humor, kindness, intelligence and love to work every day. I also have had the privilege of knowing her on a personal level and she is nothing short of the best friend you would want to have. She is devoted, honest, and real. I have no doubt that Stephanie would be an asset to any company she chooses to work with.  I also know that she is a woman on a spiritual path and she will follow it with all the commitment and love that she embodies every day.”          — Linda Charman, Broker, Vanguard Realtors