UnknownWhat is Conscious Sexuality?

Many people consider themselves spiritual in every area of their lives, except sex. With shame and guilt, they hide their true sexuality from even themeslves, hoping one day to understand what true sacred sexuality is all about. We want to live conscious lives, and bringing consciousness to sexuality can transform your relationships and your entire reality. Awareness is the key.

The light of our soul guides us in every area of our lives…including our sexuality.

For most people, sex takes place primarily in the “lower triangle”, which means in the first three chakras (anus, sex organs and navel). That translates to sex, which only involves our primal or instinctual self.There is nothing inherently wrong with sexual union primarily from this area, however, if you are seeking more enlightened sex, you might want to consider including more of yourself and your body in your sexuality.

If you want more from sex, you may be seeking Conscious Sexuality.

By only involving your lower chakras during sex, most likely you will experience many of the same issues arising in your life. These issues primarily involve intense feelings of life and death, survival, security, insecurity, jealousy, sex and money, power under, power over, power struggles, etc.The love that you feel could seem rather hollow or disconnected, or you may not experience any emotions from sex at all. Sex and love could be two completely disconnected things. Sometimes it seems that no matter how much sexual activity (including masturbation) you get, it’s never enough. For many, this is not a problem, but for others, they seek something more.

It is impossible to know true love when your sexuality is disconnected from your heart.

With simply primal or instinctual sex, love and sex could be nothing more than an ideas thought about in the mind. If the pelvis is not connected to the heart during sex in a relationship, this could show up in many problematic ways. Without authentic heart connection, after sex you may feel empty, unseen, unloved, unknown, longing for something more or like something essential is missing from your sexual relationship. If you are disillusioned compulsively seeking sexual pleasure through meaningless sexual encounters or watching endless amounts of porn, it may be your soul calling for a deeper kind of sexuality. There is no shame in accepting the truth of where you are. Awareness is the key.

The heart connection is crucial, in order to experience actual love while having sex, alone or with a partner.union-of-male-and-female

An authentic experience of love is something that can only be had through connection with the heart center. It is in connecting our heart chakra with our lower triangle that we can fully express true love during sex. It is this connection that makes true spiritual sexual union possible. Alone, this can take masturbation to the level of a more sacred self-pleasuring.

This connection of the lower chakras and heart chakra also engenders a deeper bonding, profound heart opening, true love, open heartedness, generosity, kindness, vulnerability, authenticity, honesty and so much more. It has the power to completely transform a relationship. By connecting our heart with our sexuality, we can also experience our longing, destiny, soul purpose, and deepest desires. It can also reveal past heartbreak, disappointments and grief, which can bring great healing. We can learn to embrace and heal our heart’s pain, which allows for an even more expanded capacity to love and be loved.

The highest sexual union can be a profound experience of sacred union between two souls and the Divine.

Once the heart is connected to the pelvic region, we can move the energy upwards even further to our highest chakras, our spiritual centers. We can learn to speak our truth about our sexuality and ask for what we want by connecting the throat chakra.We can align with the Divine through our brow and crown chakras and experience sacred sexual bliss running through our whole body. This profound experience, enables a union that can become a meditation, prayer and sacred offering. This can be experienced alone or shared with a beloved.

From this conscious sexual connection, at last we can experience sex as truly a sacred act.

Tantric arts and sacred sexual magic are possible when bodies harmonize with all chakras awakened and alive. This is the spiritual height of sexuality we can experience with our human bodies in full alignment with our soul.

“The beauty and wisdom of Tantra is that it enhances sexuality as a doorway to the “ecstatic mind of great bliss”. Truly, at the peak of orgasm, we pierce through the illusion of fragmentation and separation, and glimpse the unity and interconnectedness of all beings. And through the other–our partner–we fall in love with life. “ ~Margot Anand