New Year, New You

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I’m hoping that this year is finding you doing well and finding yourself in a new place. Growing is not always easy or comfortable and I too am experiencing a lot of change. I am reminded that each moment is brand new and the only thing we really have. When we cling to the past and get all wrapped up in anxiety and fear, it prevents us from being present in the now. It is my hope that you remember to breathe and let life in. All too often we hold our breath and forget that life is what passes through us, and through our very body. It is...

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Happy Holidays!

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It’s been a fantastic year for me and I am very grateful for all the amazing things that happened!  I graduated from Kundalini Teacher Training, as well as finishing up at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. My dissertation project was probably the highlight of my year. Sex, Love & Yoga, a Provocative New Musical came to West Hollywood for three weeks this summer and now it’s finally available to see with a special link on-line. If you missed the show and want to see my project, please subscribe to my...

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Sex, Love & Yoga is now ON-LINE!

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As 2015 comes to a close, I am very grateful for the many blessings of this year. It has been nothing short of AMAZING! The high points were graduating from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality with my PhD in Sexology and producing Sex, Love & Yoga, a Provocative New Musical. In case you missed it this past summer in West Hollywood, I had the play videotaped and it’s finally up and available for viewing! Many people who attended the show wanted to bring friends and family but were unable, so now is everyone’s...

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Update November, 2015

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After a lot of hard work, I am pleased to announce that I’ve just received my PhD in Sexology from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. Now that Sex, Love & Yoga (my play) has finished, I am settling into my life again and incubating. I am currently in the process of giving my website (this one) a facelift  so check back shortly to see it transform! If you are in Los Angeles, I will be teaching a Sacred Sexuality class for women at Indigo Lab ( this Saturday from 2-4:30pm. I hope...

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Sex, Love & Yoga was a BIG success!

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Thank you to everyone who came out and saw Sex, Love & Yoga! We ran for three weekends at the MACHA Theatre in West Hollywood and the play was incredibly well received!  Now that it is over, I am working hard to gather everything together to present for my dissertation on October 6th.  I will be showing the play on videotape as well as presenting my entire project on the topic of Aquarian Sexuality.  On October 7th I will be receiving my PhD in Sexology and what a relief that will be!  After two and a half long years of study and work,...

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Announcing…Sex, Love & Yoga, a Provocative New Musical!

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I am pleased to say that we are on the verge of hitting the media with Sex, Love & Yoga, the provocative new musical! WOW, what an amazing journey it’s been! This has been my baby for two years plus and at long last we will be opening at the MACHA Theatre next month. Opening night is August 15, 2015 and I highly suggest you buy your tickets right away as that night will probably sell out! Please visit www.sexloveandyoga to purchase your tickets for any of the 12 shows which will run from August 15-30. We will be having a preview...

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Happy 2015!

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Happy New Year to everyone! This is a very powerful year of great opportunity and I am thrilled that my projects are developing nicely and that love abounds in my life. Currently I am in the middle of Kundalini Yoga teacher training at Yoga West in Los Angeles. I just finished up all the work required for my Doctorate and I am proud to announce I will be graduating with that degree as well as several certificates, next month. But that is just the begining! I am also in them middle of writing my play, a modern musical, entitled, Sex, Love...

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A New Day

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Today marks sixteen months since I first discovered Kundalini Yoga at Golden Bridge in Hollywood. Following inner guidance I found my deepest spiritual path through meditation and this spiritual yoga. I’ve changed so much in these past sixteen months… I’ve completely closed my tantric bodywork practice, I’ve given up meat and alcohol and moved into a deeper level of my own awareness and spiritual path. I’m now in my second year of graduate school at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San...

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Sex, Love & Yoga

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Hello friends! I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am! After a challenging year in the graduate program, I’m taking a much needed summer break to prepare for what’s ahead. I had the opportunity to go to Summer Solstice in New Mexico with a dear friend and it was glorious! We did yoga, meditated and chanted for ten days straight and I experienced the most amazing bliss, joy and love I’ve ever known. I’m fully committed to this path and am planning to take the Kundalini Teacher Training course through Yoga...

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Season of Transformation

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As Earth Day arrives, I am reminded of this powerful season of Transformation. Look around, change is happening in nature all around us. I too am in the process of great transformation in my life… again. As I finish my first year of graduate school, I look back on the past year and see how far I’ve come. Having moved from northern California a little over a year ago, I finally feel at home and comfortable in L.A. I’ve found a wonderful community of friends, a beautiful spiritual community at Golden Bridge Yoga and the best part...

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The Season of Love

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As we enter February, I feel a strong pull to focus on all things pertaining to love. I’m practicing heart opening yoga and meditation exercises and encourage you to consider doing the same. With Valentine’s Day a little over a week away, there are reminders all around. When I see hearts and flowers in the stores, I can feel the traditional vibe of finding someone outside of myself to “complete me”. I would like to bring consciousness to the idea of celebrating the heart in a deeper way. To practice love, in it’s...

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2014 Happy New Year!

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It’s now been 30 days since I checked in and began my rebirthing exercises. Wow, how things have been changing in my life! I’m following a deep calling to go further into my spirituality and close the doors on my past. In the last few months I’ve gone through a series of changes, all of which have been amazing. I spent my 52nd birthday in Las Vegas with an old friend. In the midst of my meditation I felt a strong call to give up alcohol and meat immediately. I was planning on waiting till the end of the year, but I was...

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90 Days of Rebirthing- Day 2

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“The idea of rebirthing is to clear the subconscious, the storehouse of misery” -Yogi Bhajan Yesterday I took a wonderful rebirthing class at Golden Bridge with my dear friend and teacher, Yogi Brent (Akashdeep). We did a number of exercises and chants to clear our energy body of all trauma we experienced while we were in the womb. During the meditation we were taken back to before birth, when we were pure light. We were guided through our decision to incarnate and made aware of the choice we made to clear our karma as well as...

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1000 Days of Devotion- (11/8/13- Day 5)

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“The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step” It’s a been while since I’ve posted because I’m in the midst of another huge transformation. This one is big. In a nutshell, I was guided to begin a Kundalini yoga and meditation practice and it is reshaping my life. My mind is being freed from the past and all the clutter. I’m having a spiritual housecleaning and have discovered something amazing. Through meditation I have connected with my deep heart and have fallen in love with the Divine. It...

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Compassionate Presence

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Here we are on the verge of October and I am feeling the shifting of the seasons. Living in Los Angeles now I feel more warmth and sunshine even in this time of beginning to go inward. Yesterday I completed a two week liver cleanse that was very good for me. Never before had I been on such a restricted diet: no animal products, no refined sugar, no wheat, no dairy, no fermented foods, no peppers, no caffeine, no nightshade vegetables and of course, no alcohol. What’s left? Plenty! I enjoyed quinoa, brown rice, lots of green leafy...

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