Clinical Sexology Sessions are customized to meet each client’s particular needs, and can involve multiple holistic modalities.

With understanding and compassion, I will help you explore what is really going on with your sexual issues and offer support. With non-judgement, and compassionate caring, I will help guide you in bringing unconscious to consciousness, and help navigate the path to healing and wholeness. By removing blocks that might be keeping energy and life force from flowing freely in your sexuality, we can restore your balance and allow natural healing to unfold.

As a professional Sexologist, I am committed to helping you better understand  and make conscious choices around your sexuality. I will support you and offer practical information and tools, to help you achieve your goals, find lasting healing and experience personal transformation. Sessions are strictly confidential.

Sexological Bodywork and Erotological Hypnosis can also be very effective in dealing with specific issues. These specialized options can be discussed and explained in detail when we meet.

Conscious Sexuality Sessions are for individuals and couples of all genders, in any relationship configuration. Everyone is welcome!

“When we are living in alignment with our Divine self, we are fully aware that everything is holy… every breath we take, and every part of who we are, even our sexuality. It is our wholeness that brings us peace and an overflowing natural sense of gratitude.”- Dr. Stephanie Torres

Types of Issues that can benefit from Conscious Sexuality Sessions:

  • Releasing Sexual Shame & Guilt
  • Divorce Recoveryb48b42324349e6e59baf85ab5a7aba26-1
  • Sexual-Spiritual Alignment
  • Intimacy Counseling
  • Healing Sexual Abuse
  • Improving Sexual Desire
  • Conscious Dating
  • Conscious Commitment
  • Attracting your Beloved
  • Increasing Sexual Pleasure
  • Sacred Sex & Tantra Instruction and Coaching
  • Sacred Self-Pleasuring Instruction and Coaching
  • Recovery from Sexual Betrayal
  • Changing Unwanted Behaviors
  • Overcoming Pornography Compulsion
  • Orgasm & Ejaculation Issues
  • Gender Issues
  • Sexual Orientation Issues
  • Sexual Exploration Support
  • Open Relationship Issues

Conscious Sexuality Sessions:images-23

In person, by phone or via Skype – Complimentary 10 minute phone consultation.

Contact: or call directly at (213) 595-LOVE  (5683)

First Session: 90 minutes- $225
Subsequent Sessions: 60 minutes- $200
90 minutes- $260
Discounts available for pre-paid sessions
Sliding Scale may be available for those who qualify